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Are you Resolute on Resolutions?


Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Do you write them down? It is a question that either has people rolling they eyes or lighting up. There is no right or wrong reactions or thoughts.

I fall in the camp of absolutely loving to write down my resolutions.

Any kind of fresh start gets me going (I actually feel the same way each September too).  I have however learned a few things along the way: working out seven days a week is likely not sustainable ;). Making so many resolutions that I can’t remember them also doesn’t work.

For me, the years that I make a practice of writing down my goals, they seem to be more focused.  Science agrees with this fact. It turns out only 8% of people write down their goals for the year and by writing them down it helps our brain to “encode the process” and there is a greater chance of them being remembered and acted on.

If you write down your goal or resolution you have a 95% higher chance of achieving them. Why is that?

  1. Written goals bring you clarity and focus.
  2. They keep you on track.
  3. You become more motivated to take action.
  4. You are focused on what is important to you – answering the “why” you want to achieve this goal is key.

A few other key tips on goal setting or resolution making:

  1. Vividly describe your goals and picture them. Use a vision board, draw, doodle clip from magazines, any kind of visual commitment works.
  2. Write down your goals each week in your day planner or on your electronic calendar. It sounds labour intensive but this takes less than five minutes. Are your goals worth five minutes a week? If you really want to up the ante for achieving your goals say them out loud as you write them.
  3. Hold yourself accountable – there are many apps to help you do this. I love as there is something about getting my own words back to me in my own inbox that kind of freaks me out – in a really good way! Sometimes I am “wiser” than I think and sometimes not so much, lol! But it really does focus me.
  4. Make your goals sustainable and ensure they reflect your own reality, and define what your reality is.
  5. Break your goals into small achievable bite size pieces that are date sensitive.
  6. Gratitude can also be a difference maker. Being thankful improves your patience and lowers stress all of which can prevent us from reaching our goals.

The greatest resolution I made that I will be making again this year (it’s okay to repeat your resolutions) is to erase from my lexicon the expression “where does the time go”.  I want to know where the time goes! After all it is my time! I want to say “Hey, you know what January, yes, I know exactly what I did with you. I did not misplace you like a lost toque. I spent you. I totally used you up, no judgements on how you spent it, just know that you spent it. That feels empowering to me.

Are you ready to put your 2019 on paper?


Be It

I was listening to CBC in the car last week and they were interviewing a classical musician and I did not catch his name. But he talked about the moment he decided he longer wanted to “do music” that he wanted to “be music”. I almost had to pullover just to absorb all of what he had said in such few words.

What a transformative concept.

I have loved the Nike campaign of “Just do it”. I bought into that hard right from the start. But “being it” is just so powerful. So today I am looking at my world and asking myself where are the opportunities for being vs doing?

I am liking my day a whole lot more! What do you want to “be”?




Eyoalha Baker’s message is “don’t underestimate the power of joy”, and she challenges us to embrace joy in our businesses.

I’m up for the challenge.

As marketers we can either market to others’ fears or to their joy. (Sadly both approaches can be successful.)  Eyoalha’s jump for joy project in Vancouver’s east side was a way for her as a photographer to share her joyful photos in a place few would think that joy could exist. Her mural is visual storytelling at its best and included 200 pictures of people literally jumping for joy on the side of a three-story building in Vancouver’s east side. The effect on the community and Eyoalha herself was transformational. In this month’s edition of “Where Women Create Business”, Eyoalha says joy “is an emotion that inspires connection and open hearts. We have the ability to alter our own experiences when we view life through the powerful, uplifting energy of joy.” Who doesn’t want more of that?

We always have the choice to choose joy over fear, to inspire, to collaborate, to include. That in and of itself is worth marketing.


Put an End to Work Life Balance


Caught up in the debate about work/life balance? It sounds so good doesn’t it, to keep everything balanced? But why are we always chasing this elusive concept? Judging by the amount of chatter about it – why do we keep failing at it? Maybe we need a shift in our thinking.

I am a fan of Pam Slim’s work and her book: Body of work. To me she gets at this concept in a way that validates what I have felt for a long time.

When we separate life and work we put them in competition with each other. Like all competitions, there is a winner and a loser (I like it better when everybody wins!) We are either working too much or not working enough. Not at home enough, or home too much. Rather than constantly trying to battle the balance between work and home life, what happens if we shift perspective and look at our lives as one big body of work and our gift to the world.

Imagine that the many aspects of your life are threads in your own masterpiece. We have a choice of what threads we pick up and which ones we don’t. If we only use one colour and one weight of thread, our masterpiece will be pretty dull. When we pull from all of our experiences we create a unique work of art – that is when we thrive and are at our best. Sometimes the beauty of our masterpiece will be compromised and only certain threads will be used, while others go untouched. Be ok with that. It won’t last forever and with conscious effort we can gently reach out again and weave with many fibers.

So, take the pressure off. Don’t chase the illusion of work life balance. Instead, live fully and surround yourself with the beautiful and diverse threads from all parts of your life. Silky, nubly, twisted, and colourful ones. Then weave your body of work with great joy.


Join the 42% in 2016!


It’s a ‘brand’ new year! Corny yes, but I just love the whole idea of a new year stretching out  in front of us. Glimmering with possibility. I even love to write New Years resolutions and goals and post them to myself through Have you ever tried it? So fun, empowering and motivating getting an email from yourself and seeing if you are still on track.

Somehow the writing of your goals – committing to the words always feels like the first step to making them happen. And apparently that’s not just how I feel because I have never forgotten the stat I read in Forbes that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down. I like the idea of being part of the 42%.

January is also my annual planning month. And I love doing that too!! I help businesses do their own annual plans and putting myself through the process gives me new insights and keeps the process fresh and vital. It also reminds me how vulnerable you feel when you lay down a plan and truely commit to a timeline to make it happen. It’s all a bit thrilling to put risk and reward all on the same page.

What lights me most about the process is how empowering it is and how it gives meaning to my business and my time which ultimately  makes life in general pretty rewarding. I have eradicated the phrase “I’m so busy” from my life and replaced it with “I’m making things happen”. I don’t say things like “I don’t know where the time goes” anymore because I can tell you exactly where the time goes. I don’t say things like “time flies” because time doesn’t fly unless I’m the pilot. And all that feels good and gets me where I want to go.

Are you ready to make your plans for 2016? I’m getting started this week and I’ll keep you posted on my progress and if you are eager to do the same thing and don’t know where to start send me an email and we will see if my planning process is right for you.

Cheers to 2016 and joining the 42%!