Know where your story is going

When people imagine hearing a great story they think Disney! And wow they know how to tell a great story!

But here is the real truth- you don’t need a multi billion dollar production to tell a strategic story for business. You don’t even have to be an exceptional story teller.

The best leaders understand the one crucial aspect to strategic storytelling:

Get to the Point!

Otherwise you end up like Alice and we all fall down the rabbit hole with you wondering what on earth was the point?

We teach Strategic story telling for business and among other things we teach you how to get to the point!

Live in SK? You might qualify for the Reopen Sask Training Grant and this training could be 100% reimbursed.Deadline for subsidy applications is June 31, 2021


Not All Stories Are Equal

Are you feeling like your story is not being understood?

You are not alone.

For most companies their story is their most underutilized asset.

Leveraging your story secures your place in the marketplace because quite simply NO ONE can own your story, except you.

But not all stories are equal.

Your heart has to be in it!

Your story starts and finishes in your heart.

Sound too mushy for you?

Does knowing that 90% of decision-making is done based on emotion sound a lot less mushy?

This doesn’t mean your stories need to read like a Hallmark card but it does mean you need to connect with empathy, human to human.

It also doesn’t mean we have to throw facts out the window. (We have seen the disaster that results from doing that.)

Validating our stories with important data is critical.

But like most of the best things in life: timing is everything!

Win my heart over first.

Then give me your super cool data in a way I can understand it. Don’t geek out on me here or I will be lost to you!

Are you are looking to get to the heart of your story? StorySchool was made just for you!

If you live in Sk this training could be 100% covered! Deadline for the subsidy in June 31, 2021

NOTE: Next course: SEPT 23, 24

Thank you

We launched The Story School, PurposeBrand, and FutureProof your Retail Business, all in March … all at the same time!

It seemed like a good idea. The concepts have been in various hoppers for many years and it was time to press “GO”.

I was fully embracing Michael Bungay Stanier’s philosophy of setting worthy goals.

He describes a worthy goal as something that “unlocks our greatness and allows us to work on the hard stuff.” Not too intimidating, is it?

Worthy goals being further defined as having three primary criteria:

  • They must be thrilling. Check.
  • They should be daunting. We could check this box like 3 times, or 5, ok 10, but who’s counting?
  • They should be important, as he describes it, “the accomplishment of these goals will have a positive impact on others.” Check.

So, all three criteria had been checked, and I sat in my bright office and hovered over “go” or in this case “send” or “post”, or both.

Whatever “go” is, it really is weird to press “go” during Covid. It’s a bit like watching a Raptors game with no fans! Did we score, did anyone start the wave, was there a collective gasp of “oh this is just what we needed?” We pressed “go” and still my pup slept on my feet – no happy dance from you Stella? C’mon we have worked so hard on this!!

And then a ding here, and then another, and a few DM’s there and then…. oh wow! It was full on! There were many great conversations, I met new people, and we shared desires to strategically tell the right stories, build purpose driven brands and leaders, and to Futureproof Retail.

Pressing “go” was every bit as thrilling, daunting, and important as it should be.

And I have each of you to thank for helping me to actualize these worthy goals. You are at the heart of every new initiative. This great response leaves me both humbled and thankful.

We might not launch 3 courses at the same time again(!) but we will continue to set worthy goals, and deliver with big hearts and deep connection, while remaining committed to our purpose of elevating others through the power of their own story.

Game on!

Become a Certified Strategic Brand Storyteller and PurposeBrand Leader

I have never been able to wait for surprises. 

I was the kid who climbed into the attic to unwrap and rewrap all my Christmas presents. Twice. 

So countdowns to a new launch, you know, the ones you are supposed to lovingly troop along with as the countdown goes on for days are totally not my style. 

Can’t do it.

It’s completely beyond me.

The suspense literally is just too much.

So here it is!

I’m thrilled to announce two fabulous new initiatives that I created just for you.

And I am as excited as Christmas morning to tell you about it.

Story School: Strategic Storytelling to build brands is here!

So is . . .

PurposeBrand: the hub for Conscious Leaders and their brands.

Both offer elevated programming and certification that will help you to lead, live, and grow your own purpose brand.

I believe our stories are most valuable asset and yet they are so underleveraged in the marketplace.

Each day when I work with purpose driven brands I see why on ever business metric they are more successful. Over many years I have developed a framework that helps you to do the hard work to define your purpose as a leader and as an organization. And that is the spark you need to tell your story.

The story that defines your position in the marketplace, builds raging fans internally and externally and builds your brand so that you can the impact you have intended.

This work is galvanizing teams, increasing self awareness, celebrating our differences and giving all of us purpose.

Our certification programs qualify for The Reopen Saskatchewan Training Subsidy, which means the cost for 100% of the training fee and the materials will be reimbursed.

Click on the links above to learn more.

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