Not All Stories Are Equal

Are you feeling like your story is not being understood?

You are not alone.

For most companies their story is their most underutilized asset.

Leveraging your story secures your place in the marketplace because quite simply NO ONE can own your story, except you.

But not all stories are equal.

Your heart has to be in it!

Your story starts and finishes in your heart.

Sound too mushy for you?

Does knowing that 90% of decision-making is done based on emotion sound a lot less mushy?

This doesn’t mean your stories need to read like a Hallmark card but it does mean you need to connect with empathy, human to human.

It also doesn’t mean we have to throw facts out the window. (We have seen the disaster that results from doing that.)

Validating our stories with important data is critical.

But like most of the best things in life: timing is everything!

Win my heart over first.

Then give me your super cool data in a way I can understand it. Don’t geek out on me here or I will be lost to you!

Are you are looking to get to the heart of your story? StorySchool was made just for you!

If you live in Sk this training could be 100% covered! Deadline for the subsidy in June 31, 2021

NOTE: Next course: SEPT 23, 24

WESK Uncorked

WESK has always been an important organization to me personally. They were there when I started my first business and the vital importance of their good work right now in unqualifiable.

Every third Tuesday of the month an incredible thing happens. Uncorked is held.

Each month there is a different speaker and we gather, to learn from each other, to swap stories, to sip and nosh.

But it so much more than just that.

For an hour we breathe in the art of the possible. We are inspired and challenged, and we leave more confident (and more loved) than when we arrived.

It is the warmest crowd anywhere.

This month I get to be the guest speaker and of course the physical event had to be cancelled but I suggested we try it virtually.

I will be inviting you personally into my home office (which is really one of my favourite places to be), and Lisa Peters and I will chat with you. It might get a little cozy all of us in there but I am ready for cozy. 🙂

We will talk about transitions and pivots and starting over and pushing through, how success is repeatable and why you (as you are) are exactly what the world needs right now. There has never been a more urgent time to have the conversations we need to have about life, business, fear, generosity and opportunity.

We also plan to engage each and every one of you as much as possible and keep the chat line humming, and jam up the Q+A box because we are missing you so much!!! We want to know how you are, and what is happening with your business and how you are feeling.

This event has always been free and continues to be free and this time we can open our arms wide and invite everyone!! Which is so exciting. No matter what part of the world you live in – you can join us.

We are “in this together” and I am hoping next Tuesday, April 21, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. CST or 7:00pm EST we will all be “at this” virtual event together.

Cuddle into the couch, put on your sweats or kick it up in your heels, order in local or grab some popcorn, or a bag of mini eggs or hmm put the mini eggs in the popcorn! Let’s make this fun.

It is time to breathe in the art of the possible.

Let us know in the comments if you can make it. I would be thrilled if you can. 🙂

Have any burning questions you want us to make sure we delve into? Add those to the comments too.

Grab a seat right here … right now because we can’t wait to see you.

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